Live by the plan, or die trying

I’m nearing the end of my year-plus sabbatical from corporate consulting, as the shadows lengthen and the Oct. 21 – 24 FAR-West Conference draws near. I’m looking forward to jumping back into corporate blogging and social media, but I’ve really enjoyed working with my fellow musicians, counseling them on some marketing basics that I’ve taken(…)

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The value of a tribe

Last week I went to a reunion of my fellow PR students from San Jose State University. The occasion was pretty cool – our class mate Jon Iwata was in town to give the commencement address at SJSU, and Dr. Dennis Wilcox hosted us at his home in San Jose. It was a gathering of(…)

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Honesty in Songwriting

The New York Times has launched a new blog on songwriting, Measure for Measure, with contributors like Andrew Bird, Darrell Brown, Rosanne Cash and Suzanne Vega “pulling back the curtain on the creative process.” Kudos to the Times. Their reasoning is that “with music now available with a single, offhand click, its easy to forget(…)

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